South Scottsdale offers some pretty diverse dining options for breakfast. No matter what you are craving for or when you want it, there is something for everybody. Each of these restaurants has its own personality that makes them great places to eat. I hope some of these spots are in your top 5 and if you have been to them all, hopefully you will have a chance to visit them again soon. Good Eating.

1. Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club offers great variety on their breakfast menu! From Club Plates to Southwestern delights, they truly offer something for everyone. Their name just screams breakfast, all the way, and so does their extensive menu. They even offer special items for those on the go.

2. Orange Table

The Orange Table Coffeehouse, Bar, and Griddle offers a large breakfast menu that will have you coming back again and again. A true South Scottsdale restaurant frequented by locals, this might be hard to find but worth the effort. If you do want to dine-in, know that the Orange Table is more than happy to welcome your pet friends. You can order hash, flannels, omelets, French toast, and more.

3. Randy’s Restaurant

Out of all the restaurants in South Scottsdale, Randy’s is old school with old school prices, a large breakfast menu (it is two pages for breakfast alone, jam packed with choices) filled with traditional breakfast items. This is a great place to go with the kids, or just a quick bite in the morning. If you come, be ready for great service and a no frills diner atmosphere. Randy’s only accepts cash and checks, so be aware of that, as well.

4. Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is a great casual spot to stop-by to grab a bite while you are in Old Town Scottsdale, especially when it comes to breakfast. They serve a wonderful breakfast menu from 7 AM until 4 PM, but get there early; long waits for a table aren’t uncommon on the weekends.

5. Morning Squeeze

The Morning Squeeze is a delightful place to visit in part because of their great menu that is health-conscious, and in part because of all the drink choices they offer. Not only can you get great food, but also coffee, smoothies, shakes, juices, and much more. Pet friendly.