I have been a real estate agent for 13 years and have accumulated a lot of Open House Signs. I figured that if they work great for Open Houses then these signs should work just as well for a Garage Sale.

 With that said, I have re-purposed some old signs and turned them into eye catching garage sale signs that will help you direct buyers to your garage sale. I have four Garage Sale signs and their frames available to residents of South Scottsdale who live in 85250, 85251, and 85257.

I will be happy to drop off and pick up the signs at your home and include your garage sale details on my website SouthScottsdale.com.

I am lending all four signs for a whole weekend for $4 ($1 a sign if you need less). The money I collect, I will donate to the Scottsdale Girls and Boys club. For the rest of the year, I will lend the garage sale signs for free and contribute the money to the Boys and Girls Club myself.

All I ask is that you collect the signs after your garage sale, have them available for me to pick up from your home on Sunday or Monday (I want to be able to rent them out then next weekend), and don’t put them out in the middle of the street or block the sidewalk.

If you have any questions please ask.