Selling a Home In South Scottsdale

Patrick Chang RealtorSelling a home can be a big life event. It is my aim to help you sell your property for the highest price attainable, within the timeframe that fits your needs, and to make the home-selling process as efficient, stress-free, and successful as possible.

My goal as your real estate agent is to be an invaluable resource, guiding you through this

South Scottsdale Home With Pool

process every step of the way and keeping you continually updated. I am bound by the Realtor code of ethics and believe that every person should be treated with honesty and integrity. You can expect a high level of service from me as your real estate agent throughout the home-selling process.

I look forward to working with you and am always available to answer any questions you might have.

Patrick Chang

What I Will Bring To The Table:

 I live in South Scottsdale myself and my house was built in the 1960’s.  I can appreciate the work and cost that goes into remodeling and updating an older home. Most of the homes in South Scottsdale were built in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and these homes have features unique and not seen in most areas of the valley. Considering many buyers in South Scottsdale desire updated and remodeled homes, such that recognizing how to highlight the transformation made to your home will only enhance your ultimate sales value.

Today, over 90% of home buyers start looking for their next home online. Designing a marketing program specifically to the internet will be one element that will bring buyers knocking on your front door.

A couple of Internet Marketing ideas I incorporate in to my marketing strategy:

  • Single Property Website
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing

I have lived in South Scottsdale for the last 17 years and feel South Scottsdale is a great place to live for so many reasons: 

    • Location, in real estate, location is everything and South Scottsdale has a centralized location second to none in the valley- Old Town Scottsdale, Tempe, North Scottsdale, and the Biltmore are all popular areas and easily accessible from South Scottsdale.
    • Scottsdale Parks (Greenbelt) are a great feature of living in South Scottsdale and provide a multitude of outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy.
    • Food, between Old Town Scottsdale and South Scottsdale there are over 100 restaurants and no other area of the valley has this selection of restaurants to choose from.
    • Quality of Life, where in the valley do you have a thriving farmers market, free concerts, the Arts, and sporting events in your backyard?
March 2017 South Scottsdale Home Prices

March 2017 South Scottsdale Home Prices

Comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market is critical when it comes time to help a seller price their home and eventually negotiating with a buyer. I am one of the only agents conducting a monthly analysis specific to the South Scottsdale real estate market.  Doing this analysis on a monthly basis, I am uniquely able to identify trends and changes to the local market that will give you an edge with buyers and competing sellers.

Nothing can be more frustrating when selling a home than not knowing what is going on with the sale of your home. As a rule, once your house is listed with me, I send out a report once a week detailing sales activity specific to your home.

This Report Includes:

  • The number of people who have seen your home during the week with feedback from the buyers
  • The homes that have sold in your area in the last week, homes that have gone under contract, newly listed homes similar to your home, and where your home ranks by sales price
  • I will also include thoughts on how recent sales activities affect your home and what we need to do to get your property sold

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